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+Canning and admiring the books my mom let me borrow (my great grandmother's and my grandmother's).

+Enjoying the evolution of the canning books.

+And a canning magazine!

+Loving my tomatoes. Seriously. I had some left over from canning and I'm leaving them to ripen and then make into pasta sauce (to can).

+Only came out to be one jar, but I consider it a first-time canning success.

+Made my salads for the week: baby spinach mixed with spring greens, red onion, some yellow heirloom cherry tomatoes from the garden, bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons, and sunflower nuts. I'm working through the Thousand Island and Ranch that's left in the fridge before I go on to making my own vinaigrettes.

+Got a cool new lunch box.

+Threw together a dinner that was scrumptious. Sesame seed oil+rice vinegar+soy sace+garlic in the wok. Julienned-ish carrots in that for a couple minutes. Thinly sliced crook neck squash for about a minute. Already-cooked chow mein stir fry noodles. Stir around. Add thinly sliced green onions. Serve and nom.
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Tonight, I'll be participating in a Virtual Sew-In! Check it out here. You don't have to be a sewer to participate! I'll be working on some knitted preemie hats for a charity.
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If anyone is interested, Lina of Photo.Knit.Dog is having a blogiversary contest. You might score some awesome yarn!
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I admit, when I stepped out of the garage this morning I complained for just a second that it was cold. But, then I realized that it was cold enough to wear my Multnomah shawl and I decided that the coldness was a good thing.

I actually made it all the way to my office in it, unlike yesterday morning when I had to remove it once we got to the daycare. Crazy North Carolina. I need a place that has four real seasons.
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This is my post about things that [ profile] thesaturdaygirl associates with me. Yay. Not only do I love lists, but I really enjoy posts like this.

1. Knitting

Ahh, knitting. I have not been knitting very long, but once I got started it was so over. I have a stash bigger than I ought to, and it consumes the corner of our bonus/computer/used to be drafting table room. I have more knitting needles than I (currently) need, and the name of game is over-extending myself in projects. Once, I had seven projects going at once. To be fair, like one of those was probably a crochet project. But, anyways. My mom tried to get me into knitting when I was still living at home, but I have a hard time taking direction from her (there, I admit it!). I was pretty hard-headed. But, when she offered to buy me Itty Bitty hats when I was pregnant with Liam, I let her. I have not been the same since. Oh, and to add one more thing, I am so a product-oriented knitter. I love the process, but it's hard to wait for the project to be done so I can use it.

2. Owls

I love owls, and I probably get that from my mom. I remember when I was little she had two little owls knick-knacks that sat together on the shelf. They were both sitting on fake stumps of wood, and I think it was a mama and a baby. Well, at any rate, one was big and one was small. So, one instantly thinks of a mama and a baby. She still has them, but they're not on display any more. She probably thinks they look too old, but the new word for that is 'vintage', and it's cool. Will is on a mission every Christmas to get me a tacky item of jewelry that Liam and/or Ethan can give me, but this last year he did not succeed. Liam gave me (and he really did pick them out) a pair of silver owl earrings, and I love them.

3. Multitasking

Seriously, I actually multitask too much. And, apparently, scientists recently discovered that you can't actually multitask. Pfft! They have not met me. When I get home in the evening, I am drawing hot water in the sink for bottles, cooking supper, hold one or more babies (okay, the number does stop at two, but 'one or more' does sound cool), and emptying all the various bags that we drag around with us during the day (pump, lunch bag, purse, bottle bag for day care). Also, my most recent 'supermom' moment was when I was talking to Liam and trying to get him to go to Will, changing Ethan's diaper, and also taking the bottle of wipe spray out of Ethan's mouth. That's right. All at the same moment.

Yeah, I kind of take pride in my multitasking abilities. But, honestly, sometimes I screw up. Yesterday I left the refrigerator open for almost 30 minutes. oops!

4. Sons

I have two. And, if God has a humorous nature, I will have seven by the time I die. I love my boys, and they are both mama's boys. But, I do desire to have a daughter.

With that said, my sons are awesome. I love the easiness and roughness of boys. I don't have to really worry if they get their clothes dirty, because it is so expected. Their hair can be unkempt, because they really look better that way. When they are all cleaned up on Sunday morning for church, they look even more special (because that's the only time they really look that). I don't expect we'll have all the trouble of drama like girls have, so that's another plus. I just love them. And it feels so good when they love me back.

5. Pumping

UGH. Pumping. The bane of my existence. I have been able to keep a very consistent pumping schedule at work, and that has been a challenge. Will Liam, I wasn't very consistent. I just hated the whirr-whirr-whirr of the machine and the time I had to take to do it. It would have been much easier to just feed him myself. But, I kind of enjoyed that time, too, because it was the only time I got to read. I think I read three or four books in the 7 1/2 months that I pumped for Liam. In the beginning of pumping for Ethan, I would pump once in the morning, go to the daycare and nurse him at lunch, and pump once in the afternoon. I could make beaucoups of milk! It was great. Well, once he started eating solid foods, he didn't want that lunch time feeding. Instead of going to the day care, I would stay in my office and pump during lunch. Now, all working moms know that you need your lunch hour. You have to run errands, you have to do things, and you just need some down time during the day. One day, I decided to just stop pumping during lunch and just do the two other pumping times. And, my milk has not lacked since (somehow!). I'm really getting to the point where I don't want to pump at all, but we have almost three more months of it. I'll get through it, even though I dislike it. I feel very 'ehhh' about it right now.

And, in other news, some things that happened this weekend:

~I left work right after posting my entry on Friday, because Ethan had a fever. We went to the doctor in the afternoon, and he had a double ear infection. His left ear drum was bulging. He rubbed his ear so much on Friday night that on Saturday morning, he had blood blisters on his ear lobe.
~Liam has been saying 'I love you' all weekend. More precisely it is 'Mama, Mama, I love you!' And, at the end he points exaggeratedly at me. And, he does it for everything, like Daddy, Bro-Bro, fork, kitty, etc.
~We (as in, Will) set up Liam's sandbox for him. He loves, loves, loves it. It's really cute. We're going to spend a lot of time outside this summer.


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