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Birthdate:Dec 2
Location:La Grange, North Carolina, United States of America

I can't describe myself in this small amount of space,
so you'll just have to read it.

I don't mind if you add me as a friend.
I just like to be told if you've done so.
Thank you in advance.


My name is Rebecca.
I take pictures occasionally [mostly of our babies], watch a lot of movies, read, and knit often.
Feel free to suggest movies & books.
I am working on my bachelor's degree through ECU, and hope to go on and work toward an M.A. in English.
I am also a mommy , so that takes up a lot of my thoughts and time. Be aware, I can talk about baby stuff ad nauseam.

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I'm a war of head versus heart and it's always this way.
My head is weak and my heart always speaks before I know what it will say.
~Crooked Teeth, DCFC

It'll all come out in the wash.
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